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Global Caring


A poem for our times:

Generous opening to peoples afar,
Requests for notice and hopes for aid,
Caring for others outside one’s reach,
The global family cries.

Crises afar are often for leaders.
The citizen feels unable to respond.
Cries for help and cries for surrender,
The global family waits.

Regular people hurting and cowering,
Pestilence, weather, famine, or sword,
Global residents watch with worry,
The global family mum.

Can we care for peoples afar?
Can we answer their requests for relief?
Can we help and can we offer?
The global family asks.

Close-to-me worries and close-to-me upheavals,
These are the subjects that most people treat.
The worries and troubles of peoples afar
Are too far away and too heavy to carry.

The cries and the anguish of others so far
Need far-away notice and far-away care.
Those who are able to give their support
Have strength to move beyond close-to-me thought.

Can we care for peoples afar?
Can we answer their requests for relief?
We can and we ought when our abilities allow.
The global family tries.

“Global Caring” is from the book of poetry, Connection:  Cover-Connection Poetry

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  1. Jill Schneider said:

    That was beautiful.

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