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Undeserved Superiority

Here is an important message from Spirit.

Superiority is a strange phenomenon. All people are similar, and yet, there are some who consider themselves superior. These people believe that race membership, financial position, gender affiliation, nationality, and/or education entitle them to raised social status. Physical attractiveness, athletic prowess, and fashion taste are other factors in people acting superior.

Religious superiority is the most destructive belief of all. No religious group has closer connection to God than any other. No group!

The sense of superiority is distancing and it clouds judgment when interacting with others. The sense of superiority tarnishes dialogue and creates contempt. As people distance, misjudge, and condescend, they define a society that is uncaring and disconnected. Such a society cannot nurture its member or provide empathy.

Spirit is clear that a sense of superiority is wrong thinking about oneself and others.

There are a few exceptions when the superiority comes from care for the environment. Everyone who puts their own needs below their care for the environment deserves to feel good about their actions. Focusing on care for the environment has no connection to race, religion, gender, nationality, financial position, physical attractiveness, athletic prowess, or fashion taste.

Respect for the environment unites us all!

Connection, 3 of 3


People are suffering from flooding in one country. People are suffering from restrictive governmental policies in another country. Drought and food shortages create suffering in a different country. Armed conflict devastates people in other countries.

People are suffering throughout the world in different ways and in different circumstances. The suffering is connected in that the world reverberates with cries of the desperate and weak. Their cries might not be heard, but the tears swim in an ocean of anguish that flows into the lives of those who are not suffering.

The suffering alternates: sometimes these people and sometimes those people. The people who suffer less have joyful respite from difficulties, but their joy can be lessened by self-inflicted anguish.

When one person suffers, those around can uplift when possible. When whole groups of people suffer, the uplifting activities are harder to do because they require investment of resources and interest.

Connected anguish may be invisible, but it winds its way through the lives of all. Taking time to see the anguish is humanity bettered. Helping those nearby and those afar gives back to empathetic souls, because the ocean of anguish quiets. Connecting through empathy and awareness eases the times that are hard.

“Connection, 3 of 3” is the reminder to care.

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Global Caring


A poem for our times:

Generous opening to peoples afar,
Requests for notice and hopes for aid,
Caring for others outside one’s reach,
The global family cries.

Crises afar are often for leaders.
The citizen feels unable to respond.
Cries for help and cries for surrender,
The global family waits.

Regular people hurting and cowering,
Pestilence, weather, famine, or sword,
Global residents watch with worry,
The global family mum.

Can we care for peoples afar?
Can we answer their requests for relief?
Can we help and can we offer?
The global family asks.

Close-to-me worries and close-to-me upheavals,
These are the subjects that most people treat.
The worries and troubles of peoples afar
Are too far away and too heavy to carry.

The cries and the anguish of others so far
Need far-away notice and far-away care.
Those who are able to give their support
Have strength to move beyond close-to-me thought.

Can we care for peoples afar?
Can we answer their requests for relief?
We can and we ought when our abilities allow.
The global family tries.

“Global Caring” is from the book of poetry, Connection:  Cover-Connection Poetry

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