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Note: The source of the information provided here is divine inspiration. It has not been scientifically verified.

In my previous post, “Celiac—Disease or Clue?”  https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2015/12/10/celiac-disease-or-clue/ , the resistance to gluten proteins is presented as a balanced state:

“Celiac is the balanced state for some people. Why? Some people’s systems are formed with resistance to substances because of their mother’s contributions and because of their own physical makeup.

A pregnant woman who has opposition in her body to the fetus opens the fetus to resistance to substances. This opposition is complex and does not mean that she is opposed to being pregnant. It means that she has physical and intangible disharmony with the fetus. The physical disharmony can come from the physical impact of the pregnancy on her body or from external substances. The intangible disharmony can come from hormonal upheaval (also causes physical impact) and from turmoil caused by internal struggles (emotional, intellectual, and about the child).”

Once resistance to gluten proteins becomes part of a person’s physical definition, the only way to protect the body is to avoid eating foods containing gluten.

Prevention requires modifications in the foods and approaches to the pregnant state by the pregnant woman. There are three preventative steps that lessen the likelihood of gluten resistance:

  1. Reduce the consumption of foods containing gluten, especially foods that puff up: bread, rolls, bagels, pita, crackers, pretzels and other wheat-based snacks, cake, cookies, doughnuts, scones, muffins, pancakes, and pizza. The reasoning:

“The increase in gluten sensitivity has occurred because of physical disharmony from external substances. Food enhancers that are added to wheat products, when eaten by pregnant women, “nourish” the fetus in adverse ways. The food enhancers create sensitivities to gluten when other protections are not in place. Disharmony in the mother (physical and intangible) is fragmented in its effects on the fetus, and if food enhancers are eaten at a time when disharmony occurs, gluten sensitivity will be instilled.”

Because the timing of the gluten-resistance creation is different for each woman, avoiding these food products as much as possible is the best advice, especially in the second and third trimesters.

Foods containing gluten that can be consumed in somewhat larger amounts during pregnancy are foods that don’t puff up: pasta, tortillas, cereal, pie crust, and oat products.

  1. Protecting against internal struggles can be done by encouraging intellectual development on topics other than the pregnancy and childcare. (This suggestion does not imply that the topics of pregnancy and childcare should not be studied; rather, that intellectual development during pregnancy should be varied.)
  2. Feel the internal changes during pregnancy and be amazed at the wondrousness of the body.

Making these suggested changes does not guarantee that the infant will not have celiac, but they can significantly reduce the possibility, especially the first suggestion.

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