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Moderate drinking during pregnancy? Wine? Beer? When celebrating? When depressed? With food? Instead of food? To celebrate the news? After seeing the first ultrasound? To forget the overwhelming physical changes? To get in the mood? To feel separate from the baby?

Doctors suggest non-consumption of alcoholic beverages during the entire pregnancy. Scientific tests are territorily bound, and what one study says in one country differs from a study in another country. The effects of drinking too much alcohol are well known. This post is about alcohol in relation to the baby and the mother’s responsibility for his or her care.

Reasons for drinking alcoholic beverages abound. To drown one’s sorrows is generally not a good idea, pregnant or not. To release good sense is definitely not a good idea, pregnant or not.

The fetus receives nourishment from the mother, and alcoholic beverages contribute to the contribution. The nourishing aspects of alcoholic beverages are minor, so from that point of view drinking alcoholic beverages is not helpful to the baby. The baby needs ongoing support, and the more the support is given with awareness, the further the mother can protect her baby.

The mood of the mother is important. Her excitement and her fears contribute to the nourishment of the baby. A celebratory drink to acknowledge the baby forming inside her body neither harms nor helps the baby grow. Using alcohol to get through life, whether to forget the pregnancy or to ignore the responsibilities of pregnancy, influences the baby depending on the amount of alcohol consumed and the amount of food eaten while the alcohol was consumed.

A woman chooses her actions based on her knowledge, her support system (partner, family, and friends), and her society. If her society condemns drinking during pregnancy, she is best off sustaining because of guilt feelings. If her society accepts drinking during pregnancy, she imbibes with the backing of her society.

Alcoholic drinks should not be pushed on a pregnant woman, and neither the father of the baby nor any other supporting person should encourage her to drink. Alcoholic drinks and other substances that induce detachment from the fetus growing inside of her should be limited by the mother and those around.


Note: Some of the information in this post has been scientifically investigated. Some of the information is divinely inspired.

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