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Lactose intolerance is ostracizing in a society where dairy is venerated. Dairy is a major meal source in some countries, and the inability to eat dairy products causes inconvenience and misery. Dairy products can be ingredients in seemingly non-dairy products so that inconvenience and misery increase because of confusion about other foods.

Let’s look at how lactose intolerance applies to a baby:

A developing fetus grows through the stages of not-able-to-receive towards able to receive. The earlier in the development, the less a fetus can process. Each stage brings ability to recognize and direct flow. Movement of liquids and movement of impulses encourage the growth, and development occurs in patterns of connection. Seemingly disconnected parts and systems are actually connected because of the patterns of development.

A baby receives the nutritional requirements that were created for him or her. A baby with lactose intolerance either has missing galactose processing or incomplete development of the digestive system. A baby who has missing galactose processing will display rejection of dairy products immediately after ingesting them. A focused caregiver will notice this rejection. A baby who has incomplete development of the digestive system will have symptoms less clear, but there will be symptoms because of the connected patterns of development. A focused caregiver will notice distress, but not necessarily understand the cause.

A clear rejection of dairy, when heeded, will prompt the cautious caregiver to remove dairy products from the baby’s diet. If dairy is not avoided, the baby will suffer cramping and loneliness. An unclear rejection of dairy when undiagnosed will develop more intense symptoms if dairy is not excluded from the diet. If diary is excluded from the diet, the incomplete development of the digestive system will continue its maturation, and the inability to assimilate galactose often ends.

Sensitivity to assimilation of galactose can begin in utero or when the digestive system does not mature. This sensitivity cannot be prevented when it is caused by in utero developmental activity. It can be prevented in an immature digestive system if the baby is free of dairy until the digestive system is mature.

Seemingly healthful nutrition provided by dairy products becomes destructive for those with sensitivity to galactose. Awareness by caregivers when dairy is introduced into the baby’s diet is very important. A mother who feeds her children the foods eaten in her society can be feeding without awareness of the needs of her children. Dairy products are eaten and so the children are fed them. As with other foods that are carefully introduced, dairy products should be too.

Many societies thrive on nondairy foods, so inability to eat dairy products does not a disaster make. A disaster is feeding a child food that makes him or her unwell.

Introducing dairy products with care is a way to check for lactose intolerance. The slightest discomfort should indicate an issue that needs notice, and the dairy should be stopped until the discomfort is understood or passes. Careful observation is needed at this stage.

Lactose intolerant pregnant women do not need to worry about consumption or non-consumption of dairy during pregnancy because it has no effect on the baby. A pregnant woman influences her baby’s development in many ways, but her consumption of dairy is not one of the ways (unless the dairy makes her ill because she is lactose intolerant, and then she is unable to nourish herself properly.)

Note: The source of the information provided here is divine inspiration. It has not been scientifically verified.

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