A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Our bodies fight off invaders all the time. Our immune systems are designed to protect us. Cancer agents enter our systems in many ways, and our immune systems must fight them off and protect us from other invaders as well. ‘Round-the-clock protection, and often we do little to thank our amazing immune systems.

Besides the immune system, there are checks and balances that work to keep us well. These checks and balances require care to perform their exacting work. They work best when the body is cared for. They struggle when the body is unwell or too accosted by invading trespassers (bacteria, viruses, etc.) and weights (like cancer agents).

Cancer can start in many places and from many causes. As explained in the blog post “??Fuck Cancer!!”:

“Cancer evades understanding because it is so evasive. It quietly enters—sometimes. It takes over enthusiastically—often. It passes through the genes—but not always. It appears to have no symptoms or it creates many symptoms. It surprises us when the young are afflicted. It is tangible and can be removed, but it can get so small that we can’t see it move on. It grows in places that defy explanation.”

We live our lives as if we won’t experience cancer’s erosion, eating as we choose, stressing our bodies, and purposely exposing our bodies to the cancer providers. When cancer strikes, we are unprepared.

“Cancer is so widespread that we should be indifferent when we hear about another case of it, and yet we react with shock and dismay when another person faces its frightening diagnosis.”

This blog post presents a list of “little” things that contribute to cancer.  Each, on its own, may not present a problem, but when combined with others and placed into a body that has an overworked immune system and an unbalanced checks-and-balances system, real health havoc can occur.

The list is in no particular order. It does not include larger cancer contributors like cigarette smoke, asbestos, and known environmental cancer agents. It is not all inclusive. The list is meant to remind us how little things can add up to big complications.

  1. Certain artificial food colorings
  2. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners
  3. Sugar
  4. Suppressed feelings of hurt
  5. Certain hair dyes
  6. Additives that preserve color
  7. Constant fear
  8. Glue ingredients
  9. Chemicals used in preserving: sodium and potassium nitrates and nitrites
  10. Processed talc
  11. Toxic ingredients in oral hygiene products
  12. Unresolved rejection

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