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As described in the blog post “Alzheimer’s prevention–what you can do for yourself”, a person who is affected by Alzheimer’s disease becomes a shadow of him or herself. A shadow is a person who looks like someone who once existed, but exists in physical form only.

The process of descending into a shadow happens over time. Throughout this process, the person sees life confusedly.

This blog post presents the view from Alzheimer’s at near take-over point. The disease has not yet transformed the person into a full shadow.

The thoughts of a woman in Alzheimer’s clutches


One large

It’s a wall?

It’s a waterfall?

Oh-it’s a curtain.

Opening to the sky.

I see the sky.

The curtain is blue, yes blue. I see blue.

It’s a blue something—–blue tall.

The woman opened the blue she opened the blue…….

She talks to me she says she is Mollie, she is new here. The woman says she is NO she is not my daughter! My daughter has black hair.

Orange juice. The woman gives me orange juice. Her face is new. Taste of juice is like coffee. I want coffee!

COFFEE!!!!!! Not juice.

Here is my dress. It is green , or red. With flowers and buildings on it. The woman says to put it on. Her hands help me put on my dress. I like my dress with its yellow somethings.

The sky is trees and the trees are rocks like ……

The woman Mollie says something. Taste of juice.

Something on the floor. Two somethings. Girl says put on my feet. Feet? Girl moves somethings on my spatulas.

OWWW! Hurts my spatchufas! She takes them off.

Lay down.

The woman lives in a home for dementia patients. Her daughter, Mollie, has come by on her daily visit. In the past, Mollie and her mother were very close, but her mother no longer recognizes her. Mollie thinks she sees moments of recognition, but she is wrong. The recognition left a few months earlier.

Thwarting Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease can be thwarted. Thwarting takes the belief that the body can heal minor inconveniences like indigestion and sniffles without outside chemical remedies that seem to hasten wellness, but actually weaken natural healing abilities. Thwarting takes building communal ties and a dependable social framework. Thwarting takes creative thinking throughout one’s life.

Alzheimer’s disease brings an unwanted and miserable ending. Thwarting Alzheimer’s disease is worth the effort.

See How to Defy Alzheimer’s

Note: This blog post is spiritually advised. It does not apply to other types of dementia.

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