A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Painting by Sigal Chen Granot

Painting by Sigal Chen Granot

The more a person is in touch with his or her soul-endowed abilities, the more amazing the decorations of living. What are living decorations? They are expressions of life through art, dance, music, words, and arrangements.

Art that is not copied, but is pulled from inside is art explosion. It is expression of soulful seeing.

Dance that bursts forth is movement true. It is expression of soulful gratitude.

Music that is heard in the trees and in the wind speaks to the soul and calls for expression through voice and instruments. Soulful listening brings music that is connected.

Words formed into song or stories or shapes are transporting when the thoughts are pulled through soulful channels. The soulful touch elevates the ideas. Soulful expressions of living—heartfelt poetry, stirring prose, and inspiring presentations—weave soulful and physical living into one.

Living decorations are visible through gardens that take the breath away, by parks that call out for connection, and in individual efforts to share wonder. Arrangements of plants, flowers, trees, fountains, stones, paths, and spaces that inspire amazement and appreciation are arrangements that have been soulfully influenced.

Even a home can be soulfully designed when the inhabitants decorate according to their true feelings and passions.

Decorating with creativity is possible when outside voices are tuned out and inner guidance is turned on.

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