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Abdominal Pain


Abdominal pain says “Pay attention!”, but many of us ignore or mask the pain until the body stops communication or revolts. I worked with a woman who was having terrible stomach pain. Systematically removing foods to determine the foods that trigger the pains did not work, because sometimes a food triggered pain and sometimes it didn’t. Medications did not help, nor did invasive procedures.

Through Energy Guidance, I learned that she had been ignoring her body’s calls to stop whatever she was doing–or whatever else seemed more important–and go to the bathroom. She had been ignoring her body’s signals for forty years and her body finally rebelled.

The cure?
  1. To listen to her body! The moment it said “Stop what you’re doing and go to the bathroom.”, she did.
  2. To move in relaxing rhythm so that her body would relax and speak to her again. She began dancing every morning in a therapeutic and relaxing way.
  3. To criticize herself less. She had not realized that her thoughts were contributing to her physical problem. She deliberately forced herself to be kinder to herself, and her abdomen relaxed.
Abdominal pain develops from so many sources:
  • It can come from delaying elimination (like the woman I worked with).
  • It can come from overeating or eating foods that tax the body.
  • It can come from internal distress, such as self-criticism or self-doubt (like the woman I worked with).
  • It can come from reactions to medications or toxic substances.
  • It can come from motion that is overly non-human: airplanes, boats, amusement rides, elevators, etc.
  • It can come from withholding nourishment.
  • It can come from the digestive process that is disturbed when certain foods or beverages are consumed (like the woman I worked with).
  • It can come from external sources, such as germs: viruses, fungi, bacteria, and protozoa.
  • It can come from external sources, such as societal expectations.
  • It can come from external sources, such as criticism and pressure from others.

Abdominal pain whispers at first, because the body assumes the problem will be handled immediately. When the cause of the pain is minor, the whispers will escalate gradually and either retreat or escalate if ignored. When the cause of the pain is toxic, the body will shout for attention.

External criticism and pressure can cause chronic abdominal pain and other physical problems. The words of family members and caregivers are so powerful that meanness and impatience sometimes induce physical reactions in response. External criticism can lead to internal criticism can lead to worsening of abdominal pain.

Escalation of abdominal pain requires understanding and acceptance. The cause(s) must be determined and the required changes must be made. Abdominal pain should not be ignored or masked.

The tendency is to assuage pain at the moment it appears, without concern for the cause. This tendency treats the symptoms and can be effective when the cause is minor. When the cause is beyond minor, treating the symptoms can deepen the pain or disrupt communications with the body. The more that symptoms are treated without addressing the causes, the more harm is caused to the body.

Forty years of ignoring and masking symptoms led to misery for the woman who worked with me. When she understood the causes and accepted her ability to undo her past mistakes, she was able to communicate with her body and be its ally. Each time she let her body guide her, she reduced the suffering of her abdomen and it healed.

Opening to the complexity of the body is the first step towards healing abdominal pain. Once it is healed, prevention is the next step.

Note: This blog post is spiritually advised.

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