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The Haters


Some people look at others and their achievements with jealousy and superiority in their thoughts. These failure-wishers write disparaging comments on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Rather than focus on themselves and their own achievements, they choose to undercut the leaders, the risk takers, and the visionaries.

The haters feel they have a right to deride and they often do it with great enthusiasm. The result is to hurt the enthusiasm and drive of the achievers.

Spirit wants me to be very clear about the haters:

The haters dislike themselves and pass their self-loathing onto others. The haters do not have a “right” to spew hatred. They also do not have a “right” to be cruel.

Haters strive to hurt. They should strive to develop themselves instead.

Haters should not be supported.  They should be ignored and their words should be considered as worthless.

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  1. A friend wrote me a private message questioning the use of the word “haters” and wanting more explanation. Here’s what Spirit wants me to add: People choose the way they respond to other people. Some people respond with kindness and some people respond with jealousy and ill feelings (there are responses in between as well). Those who respond with jealousy and ill feelings should not have an audience. People should not listen to them. That does not mean that we don’t have compassion for them–no one starts off that way. But their public declarations of bad will towards others should not be encouraged or acknowledged. People who write from a dark place need help, but that does not give them the right to spew hatred.

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