A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

scraps in the bodyShe constantly worries that more abnormalities will be detected. One test after another brings less serenity and more anxiety. The growth in her lung started the ball rolling, and it picks up speed with each test and each wait for results. The growth was not cancerous, but it was removed anyway. It had its purpose, but that purpose was never considered, and so, it was removed.

Our bodies work in ways we can’t understand. Sometimes the growths become infected and they harm the body (the cancerous growths). Sometimes they develop as responses to emotional turmoil. Even frustration can contribute to formation of a growth. The emotional growths can come and go, and the body usually dissolves them or builds “walls” around them to keep them from affecting body functioning.

The upkeep of the body is a complicated, encompassing process. Problems in one area affect the body in that spot and in others. A cut on the finger can instigate disruptions in other parts of the body. Irritation affecting the esophagus can trigger multiple reactions in organs and systems throughout the body. Small hurts can trigger major responses, and healing can become a full-body mission.

The body constantly moves the foreign and internally made waste through the body towards ejection. When the waste is ejected correctly, the body continues its marking and removal of unwanted matter. When the waste is blocked from removal, it is handled through secondary channels.

The placement of bits in various parts of the body is one of the mechanisms of storing unwanted matter temporarily. The lungs are a temporary storage facility for the bits. When the body is able to remove the unwanted matter, the storage areas are emptied of the bits and the waste is ejected correctly. The temporary storage disappears as if it was never there.

When proper movement of waste is continually blocked, temporary storage becomes larger and harder to empty. More and more storage areas are created and they become part of the ejection process. Bits are channeled to them before removal, and the storage areas slowly receive a formed shape.

The formed storage areas are not permanent, unless the body cannot process waste without them. The storage areas receive functionality just like other parts of the body. They provide service in the upkeep of the body. Although they are not identical in all bodies, they perform very similar services.

The purpose of the storage areas in the body is unclear, and the temporary storage areas are seen as problematic. Because they are suspicious, they are often removed. Their removal can trigger imbalance in the waste ejection system and can cause numerous reactions in other bodily processes.

The situation described at the beginning of this blog post is an example of misunderstood waste disposal. The body is brilliant in its design and resilience, which can be difficult to understand and interpret.

This blog post provides a partial explanation for development of unexplained activity in the body. The information has been given from Spirit.

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