A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


Spoiled. That’s how we feel when we are waited upon. Someone to hear what we want. Someone taking orders.

Our needs receive precedence, If only for a moment. What we want to eat or drink or buy. The way we like. And they hear us.

We focus on ourselves and they help us feel important. Feel special.

The wait staff has weight of the business on their backs. They represent the business and they ignore themselves. Their identities are intertwined with the success of the business, and the business uses them.

Noticing the wait staff requires empathy. We, as the customers, can be interested in ourselves and notice the wait staff by giving empathy to ourselves and to them. Acknowledgement enough for their existence as our “hosts” and as individuals with lives apart from the business. Acknowledgement enough for ourselves and our responsibilities.

Businesses require subservience of its workers and dismissal of their struggles. But we can see the workers as equals, interact with kindness, order with a smile.

The customers lift daily duties from meaningless to purposeful for the wait staff—and the vibrations of balance in the world deepen.

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