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Heart attack

There are secrets and changing initiators of heart attacks. Declaring that there are definite causes is incorrect, because each heart attack has its individual reasons and triggers.

Known contributors to heart attack probability are obesity, exposure to cold, genetic weakness or deviation, emotional stress, and age.

Besides these contributors, diabetes and certain drugs (including tobacco) can produce effects that contribute to heart attacks. These secondary contributors raise the likelihood of a heart attack, but they are not the causes.

Gastric distress that is accompanied by two or more contributors plus inflammation is a cause. The inflammation can be anywhere in the body, but it sets the stage for a heart attack to occur if there is gastric distress. The preventions: obesity (eat foods that are fiber-filled to prevent constipation or nausea), exposure to cold (if you have known inflammation, dress to keep your body warm, especially your chest and neck), genetic weakness or deviation (if you know of heart issues in your family, be sure to reduce inflammations when they occur and during times of inflammation, eat foods that nourish you), emotional stress (when you  are stressed, eat without being too full and reduce inflammations when they occur), and age (generally eat so that you do not feel gastric distress; exercise regularly to keep your body from becoming inflamed too often).

Lack of sleep is a cause when emotional stress overcomes ability to function properly. Emotional stress from work anguish, loss despair, or personal sense of failure can overcome the body’s defenses and open it to malfunction. Lack of sleep when the body is experiencing malfunction in flows can set the stage for a heart attack to occur.

Respiratory illness experienced when the body is overwrought by diabetic dysfunction or drug-induced malfunction can be hard for the body to repair and can overtax the heart. Repeated respiratory illnesses when the body is dysfunctional or malfunctioning can set the stage for a heart attach to occur.

There are many other initiators of heart attacks. They all work in connection with the heart-attack contributors. The initiators are not dangerous on their own, only when the heart-attack contributors force the body to handle situations it is not built to handle.

Note: This information has been spiritually received. The more complementary medicine used to heal illness and unwellness, the better.

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