A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Cell health


Our cells require three things: a supply of readily-integratable food (broken down for the cells), “sleep”, and life force. Let’s look at each of these required components of cell health.

Life force

Life force is the desire to live, but it’s more than that. Life force includes the heart’s ability to pump blood—even when a person is brain dead! Life force has the ability to grow a person from infancy to old age, to sustain survival even when the body is encumbered by birth defects or genetic deviations, to withstand overwhelming environmental conditions, and to sustain life when the physical body is ready to give way but the person desires life.

Life force is incredibly powerful and stubborn.


Cells rejuvenate and restructure continuously, but their work is mainly accomplished during periods of rest. The rest periods slow other bodily functions so that rejuvenation, restructuring, and recycling of cells can take place unhindered. Without regular resting cycles, the cells cannot function normally and they are opened to miscalculation.

Cell miscalculation can lead to cancerous growths, stunted growth, and health afflictions.


The cells require nourishment. The more nutritious the foods taken in, the better the cells accomplish their tasks. Foods that are devoid of nutritional value add filler to the cells.

Chronic subsistence on foods that have little to no nutritional value make the cells sluggish and open them to stunted growth, diseases, compromised protective functioning, and mutations.

Cell support

The best ways to support the cells are to strive for balance in lifestyle and to strive for emotional satisfaction. Balance is the key to keeping the cells “happy”. Occasional late nights and non-nutritious foods are not too destructive.

The cells build and sustain our bodies. The more we appreciate them and their wondrous work, care for our bodies and build emotional connections, the better our cells can support us and give us quality service!

Note: this information was spiritually received.

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