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Essential tremor is disliked by those of us who experience its unexplained shakiness. It is disorienting, unbalancing, and embarrassing. It causes us to give up activities and it limits our control of our bodies. For us, essential tremor is a negative development.

This post that I’m writing now is being channeled from Spirit–as are all my Energy Guidance Complete blog posts. We’re going to learn about an unknown side of essential tremor, the side we are generally unable to see.

Essential tremor changes the experience of perception with each body part that shakes. When focus is not on shaking, perception is heightened for other senses. The dominant sense has heightened sensitivity and the other senses have opportunity for development. (Note that each person has one or two dominant senses: hearing, sight, taste, etc.).

When focus transcends the shaking, internal dialogue can be used for opening to self-acceptance (an ability that many who do not shake also do not have). The self-acceptance of a person with essential tremor is a heightened self-acceptance. It enables moving beyond the tremor onto exploration of other gifts and talents. No longer being able to do some things leads to ability to do other things. Abilities are fluid and accessible, and essential tremor is a conduit to newness, when the essential-tremored person is willing to look beyond.

This information comes from Spirit to help us see beyond our affliction. It is not meant to placate, but is meant to inform.

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