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Essential tremor is progressively expansive. It spreads because of the contagious behavior of nerves. When some nerves curve and cause shaking, their behavior is communicated to nerve centers that then remember the new behavior. When conditions are conducive for expansion of the deviated nerve behavior, the body responds by allowing the remembered curving to appear elsewhere. The newly curved nerves add to the memory of the curved behavior, which then encourage more curving in other nerves in the body.

Essential tremor is spread when the conditions deteriorate so that the body doesn’t fight the slow, or quick, proliferation of shaking. To prevent deterioration, the body must protect itself. Here are general guidelines to prevent the spread of essential tremor shaking:

  • Stress can cause essential tremor to spread quickly. Each person has his or her stressors that can be handled. The best stress releases include physical movement, connection with nature, resolution of personal conflicts, and removal of stressing foods from the diet (sugar, sugar substitutes, certain preservatives, allergy foods, and caffeine).
  • Sleep can prevent the spread of essential tremor shaking when it is sufficient.
  • Massage that is directed to the legs, intestines and stomach, which is received while breathing deeply, can inhibit the curving of un-yet curved nerves throughout the body. Regular massage of the body is helpful for essential tremor (as well as for many other afflictions).
  • Other bodywork, such as shiatsu, thai massage, and massage for fatigue, are helpful for some spreading of essential tremor shaking. These types of bodywork do not help everyone with essential tremor.
  • Anger and sadness can intensify essential tremor shaking. Releasing anger can slow the spread. Sadness requires efforts towards understanding and less focus, so that the sadness doesn’t quicken the spread.

Essential tremor can lie dormant throughout a person’s life or quickly affect the nerves throughout the body. Some of its features are in our control.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

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