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Essential tremor is medically untreatable. It is an affliction that requires lifestyle changes, not pills or electrodes or blockers. It is an affliction that requires analysis of diet, physical activity, and emotional expression. Essential tremor requires adaptation, awareness, and acceptance.

Essential tremor is a progressive affliction. Its progression can be slowed and its effects can be ignored. The progression slows in the presence of healthful lifestyle. Its effects can be ignored when they have been accepted.

Essential tremor requires compassion and patience. Loved ones who offer compassion and patience create an atmosphere of relaxation that influences tremor intensity. Coworkers who offer understanding and patience create an atmosphere of encouragement that relaxes and supports the essential tremor presentations. Friends and casual acquaintances contribute to the support when they are nonjudgmental and compassionate.

Essential tremor is overly despised. Despising it increases its presentations and progression. Accepting it slows the progression. Despising essential tremor is effort wasted. Despising essential tremor is misdirected energy. The more acceptance, the easier it is to live with. Acceptance opens the door to life lived fully.

Essential tremor has its own timing and seasons. Its appearance is influenced by internal struggles and intensities. Its first appearance is forced by genetics, deficiencies, or extended illness. Its continued appearances are the natural results of its nature.

Essential tremor belongs out in the open. Without shame, essential-tremor people can shake in front of others. It is an affliction that needs to be explained. It does not need to be hidden. It is simply a physical characteristic of some people.

Essential tremor—spread the word—is normal!

For information about living with essential tremor, see these blog posts:

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

Comments on: "Essential tremor—spreading the word!" (2)

  1. I find this article to be offensive in so many ways. ET is NOT normal. It IS medically treatable but as yet it cannot be cured. In some people, the effects CANNOT be ignored, like when you are out to dinner and you cannot get any food or drink to your mouth. And as for the ‘This information has been spiritually received’, so has this.

    • Hi Mary. Your comment is the voice of an overwhelmed sufferer of essential tremor. Essential tremor is part of some people’s physical being, like you and me. It causes great difficulty for some people, and dealing with it can be frustrating. There are ways to lessen its effects on daily living that do not require medical intervention. It is not curable, but it is livable. Essential tremor does not belong in the realm of diseases or afflictions that are seriously life-threatening.

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