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essential tremor

I have been “suffering” with essential tremor for almost thirty years. I put the word “suffering” in quotes, because I mostly ignore it (except when I’m eating soup and the soup sloshes off the spoon—doesn’t happen every time). Essential tremor has been annoying, but has not inhibited my life like it does for people who rely on a steady hand for their work.

I’ve finally thought to ask Spirit about essential tremor. Here’s the interesting and helpful information I’ve received.

Causes of essential tremor

Essential tremor is caused by twisted nerves (not getting more technical than that).

  • It can be hereditary, which is the cause for me. My paternal grandmother had essential tremor and two of my siblings and several cousins have it.
  • It can be caused by aging that includes lack of nutrition to the nerves.
  • It can be caused by an overabundance of phosphorus in the diet for an extended period of time (the time period differs depending on people’s magnesium-potassium balance and hydration levels).

How to lessen the effects of essential tremor

Reset breath
  • Inhale deeply to the abdomen, exhale fully, and then hold your breath.

The breathing should be rhythmic and comfortable. The Reset breath can be done throughout the day.

Things that invalidate Reset breath’s influence on the nerves are feelings of anger or aggression, over-consumption of sugar or sugar-substitutes (like saccharin and aspartame), and antidepressants.

Avoid caffeinated beverages and foods

I LOVE coffee, but coffee doesn’t love me. My tremor is much worse when I drink coffee. For years I ignored the effects of coffee, because I like drinking it so much. I don’t want the tremor to move into my other hand or into my vocal cords, so I have finally given up coffee. I miss it, but I don’t miss the exaggerated tremor. I still eat chocolate, but much less than I used to.

Good posture

Maintaining good posture allows the nerves to relay information properly. To lessen the effects of essential tremor, good posture when sitting is especially important. Read the blog post “Posture–so much more important that people think!” for information about the importance of good posture.

Note: This information has been bestowed upon us by Spirit. Thanks, Spirit!

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