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Brain power


The brain is a powerhouse of actualization. Actualization is the tangible expression of living. Each movement we make–deliberate or not, each flow that carries nutrition or response, each sensation of pain or stimulation, and each moment of repair or action, is the actualization of brain-triggered living.

The brain holds sway over the majority of tangible functioning in the body. (Intangible functioning is handed throughout the body. For example, see the blog post “Where do thoughts come from”.) The brain handles sense functioning (vision, touch, and partially hearing and smell), thought retrieval and construction, movement coordination, transport of some substances, restorative actions, and catalysts for triggering actions.

The brain has division of functions based on its composition and development order. The functions include processing of thought components, coordination of physical and residual movements, regulation of organ functions, and breath consistency.

The brain, in its capacity to handle multi-augmented functionality, is continuously fed through nutritional pathways and creative connection (the creative connection is the distinguishing feature of the human brain as compared to the brains of other mammals). The feeding of the brain requires unimpaired pathways of nutrient transfer and openness to stimuli and questioning.

Nutrient transfer misfires when allergic reactions inhibit the transfer, when ingested substances cause strain on physiological digestive processes, and when water intake is insufficient to power nutrient movement. Openness to stimuli and questioning–the nutriments to creative connection–stagnate when societal restraints overtake personal expressions of joy and when internal restraints cancel the internal drive to create. Nutritional pathways and creative connection are damaged when hallucinogenic substances or morphine-like sedatives are overused.

Creative connection requires a childhood that is filled with moments of wonder and time to explore. The thoughts created in childlike wonder are the ones that lead to the most amazing expressions of creativity and awareness.

The brain provides our bodies with never-ending support, although it capabilities are affected by aging and environmental pollutants.

Each brain is different in physicality and creative connection. Like a fingerprint, the brain’s intangible uniqueness is real. The brain and its power are incredible!

Note: This information is spiritually derived.

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