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essential tremor

One way to lessen the effects of essential tremor is to breathe a specific way that relaxes the nerves. For people who have recently begun to feel the effects of essential tremor, this breathing technique can significantly lessen the tremors. For people who have been shaking for years, this technique takes time to lessen the tremors, especially if the tremors are felt in various parts of the body.

My tremor (of thirty years) is mainly in my left hand (my dominant hand), but occasionally appears in my right hand. The breathing technique lessens the tremor, depending on how I’m using my left hand. If I’m holding a glass of water, the tremor will subside significantly, but if I’m holding a book, the tremor is less affected.

This blog post is a continuation from the post “Essential tremor—Stop the shaking!”.  In that post, the causes of essential tremor were listed and three useful natural aides were presented. Today, the breathing aide called “Reset breath” will be described in more detail.

Reset breath procedure

  1. Inhale deeply to the abdomen.
  2. Exhale fully.
  3. Hold your breath for as long as is comfortable.

The relaxation of the nerves takes place when you’re holding your breath. The breathing should be rhythmic and comfortable, and you shouldn’t be gasping for air after holding your breath. If you’re gasping for air, you’ve held the breath for too long.

The Reset breath can be done throughout the day, as often as you want. Your position is less important than the state of your thoughts (see “Reset breath invalidation” below). You can do the Reset breath lying down, sitting on a chair, walking, or standing.

Reset breath invalidation

Your state of mind can affect the intensity of the tremor and the effectiveness of the Reset breath. Feelings of anger or aggression can invalidate the lessening of tremors. (I find that if I’m starting to feel annoyed [aggression] or provoked [anger], I can do the Reset breath and the feelings subside and my tremor doesn’t intensify.)

The state of your tremor is affected by sugar consumption. When there is too much sugar coursing through your body, the Reset breath cannot overcome the work being done to dampen the effects of the sugar on your body. This situation also applies to over-consumption of sugar substitutes (like saccharin and aspartame), even though the work to dampen their effects on the body is different.

The use of anti-depressants to combat essential tremor invalidates the helpfulness of the Reset breath.

Note: This information has been spiritually received.

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