A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


In the past, many “cures” were actually detrimental, and they were debunked and abandoned. The same should happen for the ADHD and ADD diagnoses and cures. The phenomenon of ADHD and ADD should be examined, debunked, and abandoned.

Attention deficit is not a disorder and it is not real.

People have always varied in their abilities to focus and absorb information. People haven’t changed, but social structures have, and people struggle to fit into the monotonous, straight-jacketed, and restrictive ways of learning, working and functioning in modern society.

The cures for today’s attention deficit issues are not medication or ADHD/ADD therapies. There are approaches to modern living that can be effective for differing types of attention capabilities:

  • Recognizing that society is the disorder, and not the individuals, is the first step to assisting people with fitting in.
  • Acknowledging that people are meant to move—energetically and frequently—provides incentive to structure days with many opportunities for movement.
  • Encouraging understanding of tasks, commands, and regulations can create atmospheres of learning and productivity that are nourishing to the different types of attention capabilities.
  • Engaging with nature and animals has profound effect on focus and absorption of information. Regular interaction with nature and animals is especially transformative for people who society would label with ADHD or ADD.
  • Sitting for long periods is inappropriate for all people. Scheduling regular breaks into work and study helps focus.
  • Digesting foods that cause allergic or negative reactions intensifies focus inability. Diets that are free of additives and sweeteners are helpful and supportive, improving focus through digestive normalcy.
  • Training to be societally acceptable differs from society to society. The societies that require limited behavior produce people who struggle to participate. Their struggles can be eased by the actions of understanding family members, caregivers, and peers.

ADHD and ADD are symptoms of society. The “healing” of individuals is misguided. The healing belongs to the societies.

Release these misguided diagnoses to the obsolete archives. Let future historians view this period of out-of-control ADHD/ADD diagnoses as another misstep along the way.

Notes: This information has been spiritually received. Know that the crisis of ADHD/ADD drug pushing is felt in the spiritual realm. The drugs cut off the connection of people to their souls. Don’t give children drugs for ADHD and ADD. Don’t take them yourselves. Just, don’t!

For an understanding of the causes and treatments for the inability to focus, read the blog post “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being”. For an understanding of the industries that push ADHD and ADD, read the blog post “People who push ADHD/ADD are…”.



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  1. […] the blog posts “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being” and “ADHD and ADD belong in the obsolete archives“. For an understanding of the industries that push ADHD and ADD, read the blog post […]

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