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ADD subtracts


Attention deficit disorder provides a cute acronym* that is easy to remember. ADD looks positive–unlike its actual intention, which is negative, victimizing, and debilitating. ADD subtracts. It adds nothing to anyone.

Lack of focus is a natural result of disinterest, mindless labor, nutritional deficits, or preoccupation with thoughts.

  • Disinterest has many sources. Its appearance is especially apparent in school.
  • Mindless labor occurs in abundance. It’s in school, work, and daily drudgery.
  • Nutritional deficits impact focus by challenging brain function, digestive integrity, and cellular development. Nutritional deficits have many sources: over-consumption of sugar or sugar substitutes, sensitivity to food substances, insufficient intake of nutrients, chemically altered foodstuff, and water insufficiency (amount or quality).
  • Preoccupation with thoughts assaults focus from many directions. Internally disruptive thoughts or externally caused mental processing equally strain focus.
    Externally caused distractions are multi-directional: criticism from loved ones or authority figures; disturbing world or local events; drama in the immediate area; emotional feelings about others—happy or sad; traumatic experiences at the mercy of unknown or known people; exposure to information that is disturbing through social media, entertainment, or people; loss; and many others.
    Internally disruptive thoughts are multi-faceted, ranging from criticism based on criticism from others or self-imposed to turmoil from natural aging.

Lack of focus is natural. It doesn’t require a label or medication.

Attention deficit disorder ADD  []  It’s a name with no substance, a name with no social purpose. ADD is negative, victimizing, and debilitating. It adds nothing to anyone. ADD subtracts.

Notes: This information has been spiritually received.

For an understanding of the causes and treatments for the inability to focus, read the blog posts “Attention deficit: a reason to medicate or a natural way of being” and “ADHD and ADD belong in the obsolete archives“. For an understanding of the industries that push ADHD and ADD, read the blog post “People who push ADHD/ADD are…”.

* ADD is an initialism, because the letters are pronounced individually. I used the word acronym, because initialism is not well known.


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