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The known deficit disorders are ADD and ADHD. They are prevalent in societies that are too structured. These invented disorders reflect their societies’ reliance on conformity and subservience.

When a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD is made, the authority person (doctor, therapist, or counselor) is reflecting society’s notion of proper behavior. The needs of the diagnosed person are unimportant. Even words of sympathy by these “authorities” are meaningless, because if they cared about the welfare of the diagnosed people, they would not deliver the harsh and harmful pronouncement of a deficit disorder.

ADD and ADHD are symptoms of a society that has turned away from nature. Expecting uniformity in attention capabilities shows misguidance about humans. The “experts” are leading towards behavior that is false and destructive.

Deficit disorders are deficits in societies, not in individual people. Invented afflictions are valueless. ADD and ADHD deserve to be abandoned.

Notes: This information has been spiritually received.

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  1. Totally agree. Unfortunately these diagnoses and the accompanying meds will never go away as long as kids are forced to sit still in classrooms all day long!

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