A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

The ability of water to be many things—to be nourishing, to be destructive, to be overwhelmingly beautiful and frightening, to be cleansing, and to be soothing—elevates the value of water. Here is a list of ways to appreciate the wonder of water.

  • Visit places with water: beaches, lakes, rivers, ponds, watering holes. Looking at the water and sensing its wonder is enough.
  • From time to time when you drink water, think about its life-sustaining ability and be grateful.
  • When you wash your hands, feel the water and think about the conveniences of life today. Breathe deeply and remember to be grateful.
  • Appreciate the cleansing ability of water and show your appreciation by not overusing it. Even if you live in an area with adequate or abundant rainfall, use water judiciously. This suggestion includes bathing and showering. Enjoy bathing and showering, but use the water judiciously.
  • When you hear rain, let the sound soothe. When you see rain, let the sight cause gratitude. When you feel rain, don’t rush to cover up. The rain on your skin and hair is soulful cleansing.
  • Never curse the rain, even if it “ruins” your event. Your event is much smaller than rain on the grander scale of life.
  • Let the sounds of water into your life. Listening to recordings of waterfalls and other water sounds can be balancing and healing.
  • Walking in puddles is releasing and entertaining. There is a reason that young children enjoy puddle play. They understand the joy of natural pleasures. If you are the parent or caregiver of a young child, allow jumping in puddles! You should join in! (Later, you can use water to clean.)

Note: This information is taken from the book Vitality!— How to Create a Life That Is Healthy., available on amazon.com

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