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From generation to generation

family gathering photo

The passing of customs and traditions is what people do. The customs and traditions guide younger people in living that has been tested. The testing is done in each generation within the boundaries of the existing ways of being. By design, people are meant to learn from the ones who lived before. Each generation of parents and elders is needed to transmit information and teach dependable practices and reliable skills.

Relinquishing the responsibility to teach the younger generation is faulty. The younger generation cannot understand society and behavior without careful guidance. The guidance of elders provides stability and security.

When society is skewed in its actions and treatment of the environment, of animals, and of people, the passing of customs and traditions that are causing the skewed behavior require the questioning of the younger generation to bring change. In these cases, the younger generation influences the fixed behavior through insistent inquiry and debate. Change can develop when all the generations learn from one another in the generational way.

Here’s an interesting look at habits from the upcoming book of poetry titled “Connection”. This book will be published this summer.



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