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A World without Cravings

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Before sugar was refined, cravings existed but they did not rule existence. Yes, there were other addictions but they had different influence because of the body’s processing.

Refined sugar overrides the body’s ability to digest properly. Digestion when sugar is present becomes crippled. The sugar speeds some processes and halts others. The body absorbs the nutrients it can while defending itself from the onslaught of altered secretions and excretions that are different from their natural states because of the sugar.

Artificial sweeteners alter the digestive processes’ ability to absorb nutrients naturally. Besides speeding some processes and halting others, they create changes in digestive processes for foods that are proper for the body. Artificial sweeteners cause less cravings but more havoc.

To satisfy cravings for sweets

There are ways to satisfy cravings, because cravings for sweetness are part of modern-day life. Here are five ways to satisfy sweet cravings:

  1. Keep hunger at bay when you are around sweets. The less hungry you are, the less tempted you will be.
  2. Reduce hidden-sugar foods (processed foods that contain sugar or other sweeteners) so that your body feels sweetness with less. In other words, the less sweet foods you eat, the more easily you will notice sweetness.
  3. Minimize the sweet things in your home and choose to buy sweeteners from the Best list to keep at home.
  4. You can counter sweet cravings by eating foods with “good” fats. Choose whole fat foods rather than low-fat or no-fat. Whole fat foods satisfy hunger and lower cravings.
  5. Avoid advertisements for sweet treats, and when shopping, remember that the store owners are trying to manipulate you by placing sweet things along your buying path. Say “no” to this manipulation.

Is a world without cravings possible? Yes—in places where the sweet desire is satisfied by fruits and unprocessed sweeteners. Elsewhere, probably not. People who can abstain from all processed sweeteners and lactose-modified foods are least affected by cravings.

A worthwhile goal can bring benefits beyond belief—living without cravings!

Note: This information is spiritually supplied.

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