A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

(The information in this post is from The Gift of Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort.)

Connection to environmental conditions grounds, deflates unrealistic opinions of ourselves as humans, and connects us to the majesty of the universe. This connection enables people to appreciate the beauty of nature and to accept the reality of natural “disasters”.

Post 14-environment

The natural world holds many wonders, many more than people can ever create. The more one marvels at the natural world, the more spiritual and balanced one becomes.

The natural world has its rhythms and cycles, cycles of seasons and cycles of beginnings and endings. The rhythms can be felt through observing changes in time, changes in natural elements, and weather variations.

People must live within the boundaries of Earthly living, which includes planting and caring for trees and other plants; watching weather patterns and building accordingly; learning about seasons and seasonal variations of weather; experiencing weather changes—walking in the rain, feeling the wind, feeling the strength of the sun on one’s face, sweating, shivering.

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