A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

People are capable of leadership each and every day. Not just elected leaders, company leaders, or leaders of institutions. Leadership opportunities present themselves to everyone; people must choose to snatch these opportunities.

Screen bean-finish line

Even the most insignificant job has leadership potential if the job performer realizes this is so. By performing one’s job with gusto, one chooses to be available for opportunities to excel and to affect. By performing one’s job with so-what and who-cares, one chooses to close off from opportunities to receive more.

In the life of an apathetic person, leadership opportunities are squandered. In the life of an insistent person, leadership opportunities can be actualized. Each person chooses to be a leader when he or she is willing to take a stand, take a shot at, take action. Small opportunities perhaps, but possibilities for innumerable repercussions. Once an action has been taken, especially if the action is uplifting, it causes vibrations that affect others.

Leadership opportunities are available to all equally. Yes, equally. One simply has to notice and perform.

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