A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 83-Refuse labels

Refuse to be labeled!

Refuse to be called deficient!

Refuse to accept mediocrity in yourself!

Refuse to let others think of you as deficient or different!

Refuse to be less than you really are!

These instructions are for people who have been labeled with ADD or ADHD. The labeling applies to very few people, and even then, the labeling is inaccurate. The overuse of these labels is destructive. For people and for society. An epidemic is occurring in which perfectly normal people are turning into people with deficiencies, and who then must be treated. Perfectly normal includes people who have trouble sitting still. Perfectly normal includes people who must take breaks when doing prolonged activities that bore them. Perfectly normal includes people whose conversations jump from topic to topic-tangential conversations are normal. This list of perfectly normal can go on and on. Perfectly normal covers most “imperfections” in people.

Problems caused by genetic or birth defects (such as defects that result from alcohol or drug use by pregnant women), accidents, diseases, and such are different. The resulting people are different and require special attention—usually more exposure to nature and kindness.

Everyone struggles with something. That is the nature of existing.

More to come…Please share this information with people who question the status quo of dealing with attention deficit issues.

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