A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 84-pressures

Attention deficits occur when attention is unfocused, unavailable, and uninterested. Unfocused: too many distractions, too many choices. Unavailable: inadequate nourishment, hydration, sleep, movement, confidence. Uninterested: the subject of focus is irrelevant or too difficult or presented inadequately.

Maintaining attention when distracted, unable to decide, inadequately nourished, lacking in water, sleep deprived, needing to move, low in confident-ness (not knowing one’s gifts), the material or task is not clearly needed, the material or task seems overwhelming, or the material or task requires additional explanation—all these pressures tax the body’s ability to handle concentration.

Above all, expecting to succeed without working at goals, without applying oneself, without failing is expectation folly. Each person has certain gifts (many, many more than they usually think), but not enough to have success at all endeavors. Living in today’s world requires investing time and effort into learning many things that aren’t interesting and aren’t easily internalized. Success comes from diligence, repeated attempts, practice, and attitude that is accepting and uplifting.

More to come…Please share this information with people who question the status quo of dealing with attention deficit issues.

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