A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 85-one more factor

Babies who are born healthy have the ability to observe and learn as they grow. Once they are socialized, their abilities to observe and learn have been set. Not set in stone, set in motion. The type of motion is the determining factor in learning inability. If the motion is too indulgent, pressured or inconsistent, then negative opinions of self and one’s abilities to focus and absorb are formed. If the motion is accepting, engendering of feelings of responsibility and consistent, then abilities are appreciated and worked. In either case, the ability to learn is there, but the perception of it is altered—positively or negatively.

Of the negative forces, indulgence has become a determining manipulator of people’s ability to work diligently, attempt new tasks and manage disagreeable ones, practice, and maintain a supportive attitude. Indulgence does not require wealth; it requires a caregiver who does not accept that sadness, difficulty, and frustration are normal parts of development. Indulgence leads to requiring immediate gratification and/or feelings of lack. When “attention deficit” is suspected, indulgence must be examined. It is reversible!

Of the positive forces, engendering feelings of responsibility is very important. Children must feel that their contributions are needed. Each small task that a child does in his or her home builds confidence and focus. People want to feel necessary and challenged—these are design features!

More to come…Please share this information with people who question the status quo of dealing with attention deficit issues.

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