A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 129-breathe

Breathing is key to longevity and quality of life. The rhythmic movements of the diaphragm and lungs determine vitality. Supplying oxygen, supplying force.

Many people attempt to lengthen their life by eating well or by seeking purpose. They misjudge sometimes.

Eating well?

Eating well is important; however, people who focus on the food they eat as if it is the answer to all their problems and they lose sight of proportion often breathe narrowly. They are too worried about each morsel that enters their mouth and they create an opposite effect–>the worry alters breathing negatively which then alters quality of life negatively.

People should eat wholesome and nourishing foods because the body requires them to function properly. The over-focus about nutrients and the under-focus about joyful eating create breathing that is stifled. Not good for aging wisely.

Looking for meaning?

Searching for meaning in life is uplifting, but can create havoc for the body when the focus on spirituality outweighs body care. Spirituality is just one aspect of living. Health of the body, emotions, and intellect are important as well. Deep breathing performed in meditative mindset is beneficial—yes, very beneficial.  But it is just one type of breathing that the body needs for creating good health.

Purposeful living brings many benefits, and one of those benefits can be longevity. Purposeful living combined with varied breathing (deep, neutral [neither deep nor quick], quick, intensified, and happy [when the emotions produce feeling of contentment]) lead to aging that is less troublesome.

An exercise to reach all four components of health

“When you breathe, you do so much more than fill the lungs with oxygen. You fill the body and soul with life-giving force.

Each day when you awaken, breathe deeply and remind yourself that your breathing adds oxygen to your lungs, adds hope to your emotional being, ignites your thinking abilities, and connects you to spiritual possibility.”

-from Vitality!—How to Create a Life That Is Healthy (to be published soon)


That’s it for now. We’ll explore breathing more in the next post.

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