A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Post 130-breathe

This post is a continuation of the information I have been receiving from Spiritual Presence about aging well. It was inspired after I watched a report about people living into their 90s.

The key to good health throughout life is breathing as designed. We are designed to breathe rapidly, slowly, at a neutral pace, and contentedly. Contented breathing is the subject for this post.

What is contented breathing?

For contented breathing to occur, several emotions must surface in a short space of time. These emotions can be satisfaction, caring, serenity, devotion, joyousness, and transcendence (also other emotions that are similar). Contented breathing requires three of these emotions to be felt within minutes of one another.

What leads to contented breathing?

Typical actions that can lead to contented breathing are 1) feeling a part of the world while being in nature, 2) having sexual intercourse with a person you love and in the course of the contact orgasm is achieved, 3) for women—breastfeeding in a relaxed and nourishing environment, 4) for men—total immersion in a challenging and interesting endeavor, 5) taking part in family or community events that bring joy and feelings of generosity, and 6) taking part in children’s views (which means feeling a child’s view when interacting with children).

Participation in sporting events sometimes leads to contented breathing, but mostly to rapid and neutral breathing. Same for dancing and attending performances. Creating music can lead to contented breathing depending on the feelings of the musician at the time.

Contented breathing: breathing that is all-components

When contented breathing takes places, all the components of health are nourished. The breathing exercise from yesterday’s post teaches contented breathing. Contented breathing connects the physical with the spiritual with the intellectual with the emotional.


That’s it for now. We’ll explore breathing more in the next post.

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