A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

ExpectationLiving life with expectation is positive when the expectation is shared. The word “shared” is tricky. It means that the expectation is natural and widespread. A shared expectation is that the sun will provide sunlight and the sunlight will provide daytime lighting.


Living life with security is necessary for full development.  Security refers to feelings of protection and continued protection. Shelter from cold and heat and other environmental harshness, from bugs that sting and bite and from other types of bites and scares that come from animals, and from stings and hurts delivered by people through physical actions or harmful words.

Personal expression

Living life with personal expression is basic human desire. Pastels, bold colors, allegro, adagio, moving in lines, moving gracefully, loud, large, miniature, soft, C sharp, B flat, broad strokes, measured slow movements, wordy, concise, structured, improvisation, group dynamics, individual efforts, inspired.

Each person has desire for making a mark and the more the personal expression is allowed to flourish, the more the person is fulfilled.


Living life with gratitude can happen when expectations are reasonable, security is available, and personal expression occurs. Wanting to be grateful is a good first step towards feeling grateful; naturally occurring gratitude appears when living is satisfying.  Each person has a gratitude capability for seeing his or her life for its fulfillment of the need to be expressive, satisfied, and secure.

The way towards feeling gratitude is to see life with unexpectant and present eyes.

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