A Balanced Approach to Wellness!


The post “Monitoring Health” (https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/24/monitoring-health/) brings awareness of the seven tests that should be performed in order to evaluate health.

Here is Test #4.

Test #4: Rhythmic breathing

“The more varied the breathing, the less chance for illness to set in..” -from the post “Aging is manageable when done properly” (https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/05/12/aging-is-manageable-when-done-properly/).

The importance of breathing cannot be overstated. Not only does breathing sustain us in life, but it sustains us in good health. Breathing that is appropriate for the activities we do is necessary for the body to refresh itself.

For this test, use the following descriptive words to describe how you breathe during the activities presented in the list:

*tight    *quick     *neutral     *deep

1 working/concentrating at the computer or smartphone

2 singing/playing an instrument/talking

3 reading/cooking

4 moving briskly through exercise, sport, rhythmic movement, work, or walking

5 laughing/talking with friends/playing with grandchildren, children, young siblings, or young children in one’s charge

For each of the activities that you do, pay attention to your breathing.

  • In general, tight breathing is reserved for tense emotions. If your breathing feels tight at other times, you should consciously relax more often.
  • In general, quick breathing occurs during brisk movements. Out-of-breath during brisk movements can be a sign of too little water in the body, too much movement at the current time, or illness.
  • Neutral breathing is appropriate for most activities. It is not the right rhythm for brisk movements or moments of deep focus.
  • Deep breathing requires conscious effort until it becomes habitual. Deep breathing is the most cleansing and strengthening of all the types of breathing, but is not necessary during brisk movements. Deep breathing strengthens the organs, flows, and spirit.

Allowing your body to breathe deeply and variedly is good for your health!


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