A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

Since accepting the guidance of food intake through Energy Guidance Complete, I have maintained a healthful diet that has enabled me to lose weight healthfully, achieve stable energy throughout the day, and strengthen my body.

Today, for the first time in over two years, I binged on sweets. Not like I would have in the past—my body simply couldn’t handle that—but a binge nonetheless. Before my change in diet, I binged on sweets off and on. My body has always been kind, and I rarely suffered stomachaches or other noticeable pains.

After today’s binge, I feel fine, even though my body no longer is regularly pounded with sweets. I was curious about the effects on my body, and so I’m asking Spiritual Presence what the effects and repercussions are from eating so many sweets. Here is the information I have received about binging on sweets:

  • Each person suffers.
  • The effects vary depending on age, sleep deprivation, and hydration.
  • The repercussions vary depending on physical and emotional states at the time of the binge.
  • The gall bladder works harder.
  • The sense of smell weakens.
  • The muscles tighten.
  • The small intestine functions more sluggishly.
  • The outlook of the emotions is shifted negatively.
  • The kidneys work overtime.
  • The head intangibly shrinks.
  • The sense of touch is affected (differently depending on amount eaten and current health status).
  • The digestive tract functions differently than when non-sweet foods are eaten.
  • There are other effects as well, but they are dependent upon each person’s health.

sweet too much

Less is better when eating sweet foods. In general, natural sweeteners are better than processed sweeteners. Chemical sweeteners—NO!!! No one should eat them! Fruit sweetness is nourishing in moderation. Moderation is best for all foods, but especially with sweet ones. The body is sweetened best with love and kindness to oneself and others!

Comments on: "Binging on sweets—effects and repercussions" (1)

  1. annepicus said:

    But didn’t you enjoy the eating? That does all kinds of good things to us.

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