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Concrete Living


Concrete Living

From the chapter “Concrete Living” in Oneself—Living:

“The sky is ever changing. The weeds are ever growing. The sand is ever shifting. The bugs are ever multiplying. Natural elements always change, grow (from beginning to end), shift, and/or multiply. The natural order is just so.

People too are ever changing, growing, shifting, and multiplying. The natural order is just so. The body changes, takes in, lets out, grows up, withers away, builds, processes, and moves.

Life is not concrete; life is fluid. The flow may be slow, but stagnated it is not. Life jerks, life cruises and glides, life putt-putts, life sails, and life decelerates. Movement is always linear, from start to finish. Linear in development, multifaceted in development possibilities. The body is born, lives, and dies. The living is huge…or can be…or should be….

… Planning: making plans, long-term or not, short-term or notconcrete living.

Spontaneous actions: last-minute get-togethers or get-goingsconcrete living.

Laughing, smiling, wide-eyed appreciation, willingness to errconcrete living.

Concrete living: living with gusto and with verve, with awareness of an ending and with awareness of possibility, with thankfulness and with generosity.”

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