A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

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Farmers markets are opportunities to buy freshest-­of­-fresh fruits and vegetables and items prepared by farmers and other stall owners. Farmers markets are opportunities to be close to the produce without having gone to the farm to pick them. Farmers markets are different from grocery stores in that opportunity is provided for connecting with people who are connected to the gifts that come from the earth.

The fruits and vegetables that are displayed at farmers markets are usually local produce. They contain remembrance of the land that is nearby. At a spiritual level, eating produce that came from nearby land is nourishing beyond spiritual sustenance that occurs from eating produce that came from afar. The body won’t feel the difference, but the spirit will. Eating produce from other countries or from great distances inside one country is less spiritually sustaining. The spiritual sustenance occurs through the intangible thread that ties the earth in which the produce grew to the person eating. The farther the distance, the less ability of the thread to connect. Local produce supply the connection.

Intangible connection to the foods that nourish our physical bodies is one more step towards balance. The more we eat the spiritually balancing gifts from the earth, the more easily we can connect to our soulful selves.

Note: Growing one’s own fruits and vegetables is even more spiritually balancing.

Note: In small countries where the produce does not travel far to reach the grocery stores, the produce in the grocery stores still has the intact intangible thread to the earth, but the handling of the produce affects access to the earth-giving spiritual connection.

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