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Here is what the fetus “feels” according to Spiritual Presence:

  • The mother’s laughter
  • The mother’s tears
  • The mother’s relaxation
  • The mother’s enrapture at delightful smells
  • Quiet focus from the mother, including speaking and singing
  • The mother’s excitement when seeing someone she loves
  • Gentle massage of the sides of the mother’s belly
  • The mother’s heartbeat
  • Rhythmic movements of the mother performed in meditative state
  • Urgent communication from the mother (for example, when the mother feels a strong bodily urge)
  • Desire for ownership by the mother, when the desire is felt insistently (even the desire for a strawberry at a farmers’ market can be felt by the fetus if the mother really wants the strawberry)
  • Intense feelings of love (not just from the mother)

The fetus takes in all of these “feelings” and they nourish the fetus’s sense of belonging.

Note: The information shared here is not easy to test scientifically. Energy Guidance Complete is wisdom from partnership with Spiritual Presence.

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