A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

star sunglasses

Idolizing celebrities is removing. It literally removes a person from his or her reality, because the reality is away from where the “star” is located. The “star” is living a life somewhere else, and the idolizing person is existing in a place between reality and fairy tale. Fairy tale living is half living incarnate that renders the idolizer removed from reality and removed from time.  Idolizing excessively creates facsimiles of the people doing the idolizing and of the people being idolized. Neither facsimile is real.

Idolized people become their idolized selves or dive into their area of expertise to avoid the fame.  Becoming an idolized self is destructive, because no person can be the idolization of themselves. Avoiding the fame through total immersion in the area of expertise prevents establishment of relationships and well-rounded living. Both results of idolization remove the “stars” from living a real life.

Obsessively desiring to be like a celebrity prevents a person from seeing his or her own talents. When a celebrity’s achievements spur others to achieve their own goals, the teaching is uplifting. When the celebrity’s achievements become obsessions without causing positive results for the idolizer, the worship becomes destructive.

Looking beyond oneself for inspiration is normal human behavior. Watching elders teaches customs and traditions. Listening to others with skills or knowledge as a way to improve one’s own skills or knowledge is useful. Studying the achievements of a person who has impacted others in a positive way is enlightening.

Here are celebrity obsessive behaviors that cause removal from one’s own life:

  • Displaying a holiday card of the family of a celebrity financial planner as if you know this family is removal from your own life.
  • Following the tweets and instagrams of a celebrity instead of communications from family and friends is removal from your own life.
  • Changing your appearance or buying clothes you can’t afford to look like a celebrity is removal from your own life.
  • Changing your activities to watch a “star” walk by is removal from your own life.
  • Abandoning principles and close people for the chance of spending time with a celebrity is removal from your own life.

Obsession with beautiful people is like celebrity obsession, because it creates people who are not real. Physical beauty is part of a person, but not the entire person. Physical beauty is just 1/12th of the person. Admiring a person because of 1/12th of who they are is evaluation misguided. Seeing beyond the obvious is right.

Each person’s star should be lighting the path from the sky and not another person because she sings well or he kicks a ball well. People aren’t stars. They are embodiments of their abilities and talents. They are not meant to be idolized.

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