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Manmade sidewalks

Well, this title seems to be redundant. It’s the title I have received, so let’s see where it takes me.

Post 14-environment

Yesterday I spent walking around Santa Monica, CA with a dear friend. My friend is a close friend from college. We see each other every couple of years, and our visits are warm and loving and filled with all the feelings that accompany deep and lengthy friendships.

We walked and talked, and the entire time I was aware of the interesting scenery around me. The sea, the trees, the bird-of-paradise plants  all around, interesting structures, artwork. But also people who seemed lost. These people affected the view making it less bright, less special. Because no matter how beautiful a place, if there are people living in it who have no abode or no support system, the place is really not so beautiful.

Taking care of others should be the priority of people who are able, but it is much easier to build nice sidewalks. Engage with concrete, but not with emotions. Nice sidewalks with lovely lighting fixtures and landscaping. Focus on friends but not on needy people. Averting the eyes when the needy people come into focus. Wishing them away rather than considering their needs.

Finding balance in society is a constant struggle, which is actually easier than we realize. We must remember to leave time in our busy schedules to consider the ones who get overlooked.

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