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Houston—a city to be digested


I am currently in Houston, Texas where I am visiting family and friends whom I cherish. I just finished a walk/slow jog along the bayou and I am inspired to write about Houston.

Houston is a city that gives a lot to its inhabitants and visitors. One simply has to be open to receive the City’s gifts.

The people who live in Houston are diverse, willing to help, and friendly, and their community awareness is generally a part of day-to-day living. The people of Houston face urban living with acceptance and acknowledgment, even handling the traffic with awareness that it is part of the gift of living in the City.

The municipal services are apparent with orderly neighborhoods, constant roadwork, and regular signs of services being performed. The City encourages recycling and care of property. Community religious institutions often perform community service together and other groups are active in promoting care and help for the lesser fortunate members of the City.

There are green areas and art exhibitions, musical performances and theater productions galore. Opportunities to hear talks by local and celebrity speakers are constantly available. The zoo is a humane one and the animal welfare groups are active. Cultural events are ever present and opportunities to experience different cultures abound.

Houston is vibrant and comforting. The more its inhabitants involve themselves in its goings-on, the more they love it. Houston offers never-ending opportunities for connection and living fully. City living that is nourishing, entertaining, and rewarding!

Most large cities in the United States are like Houston. One simply has to be open to receive the city’s gifts.

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