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Partake or refuse


Government election. Partake or refuse?
Family gathering. Partake or refuse?
Community service. Partake or refuse?
Neighborhood mixing. Partake or refuse?
Time with friends. Partake or refuse?

Partake or refuse

The choice “Partake” builds connections and balance.

The choice “refuse” grants ease perhaps, but also less connection, balance, and support.

Partaking in societal efforts to create a supportive society delivers more to the people who take part than they realize. The nature of people is to connect and to become intertwined. Building together, whether in a small community or in a sprawling metropolis, supplies each person who takes part with memories and accomplishment.

The sense of accomplishment can be attained through endeavors that build one’s own family or oneself, and this sense of accomplishment is supportive, but is narrow. Accomplishment that builds support among community members is able to fill a person with beyond-self contentment.

The gift of memories that develop from communal involvement also fill a person with beyond-self contentment. Although memories of time spent in assisting with community betterment are personally uplifting, when combined with all community member having these memories, the entire populace of that area is infused with a sense of connected well-being.

Partake or refuse?
Better to partake!

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