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The basic tests for maintaining health, Test #5


The post “Monitoring Health” (https://energy-guidance-complete.com/2014/08/24/monitoring-health/) brings awareness of the seven tests that should be performed in order to evaluate health.

“People—are—designed—for—doing some of this, doing some of that, moving here, then moving there,…” from Oneself—Living.

Sitting still for extended periods of time was not part of the design. Nor was letting inanimate objects do the work for us. Life has greatly changed for people, but the basic design has not. Rather than ditch the vacuum cleaner and return to the tree-branch broom, people must add movement into their lives that is nourishing, that exercises the body, and that is challenging.

Here is Test #5.

Test #5: Physicality

  1.  If you sit for longer than 50 minutes, do you change position or do a different activity?
    (Sitting for longer than 50 minutes without standing or stretching while sitting is taxing for the body.)
  2. Do you stretch your body when you wake up from sleeping? Even after short naps?
    (The body requires movement after sleep—the entire body!)
  3. When you visualize yourself, do you picture a person who is inconsistent about exercising, is good about exercising with a group but negligent when at home, is in need of someone to make you exercise, is physically fit, or is too focused on physical appearance?
  4. What is your attitude about movement off the ground (biking, skating, surfing, skiing, etc.) What is your attitude about movements on the ground (yoga, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.)? What is your attitude about swimming and walking? What is your attitude about dancing and kicking/hitting a ball?

Allowing your body to move frequently is good for your health!

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