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Flower arrangements and other once-living lovely things

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Flowers have magical properties. They entrance us with their beauty. They captivate us with their smells. They take the focus from surrounding plants and they lure us to the green places to see them.

The magic of life is screened on flowers. Watching a flower grow is like watching a fascinating art movie. From the moment a bud starts to form til the moment the withered flower falls, interest never wanes. At each stage, the flower entrances, captivates, and holds power over us.

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So much so, that we must have them close at hand—in our homes, in our celebrations, in our personal expressions of love, and in our religious institutions.

But close at hand is not the same as being in a field. The magic begins to fade the moment the flower is cut from its stem because life is no longer flowing. The loss of magic is slow though, which is why we can enjoy them so much when they are close at hand. But their ”dying” in the vase is different from the dying on the vine. Not so captivating, not so enjoyed.

The flowers that grow in the wild provide their magical smells. The flowers grown for arrangements are grown for visual beauty, for extended life, and for more color variety. Natural flower smell is of lesser importance. Smelling flowers that have been grown for floral arrangements leaves the nose and the olfactory receptors in a state of confusion.

Dried flower arrangements are more desirable than artificial flower arrangements because the dried flowers were once alive and they maintain a sense of the live flower.

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Advice for flowers in the home

Flowers are a wonderful addition to the home. Here is the hierarchy for bringing “flower power” into your everyday life:

  1. Potted flowering plants
  2. Potted flowers
  3. Dried flower arrangements
  4. Cut flower arrangements

Enjoy the magic of flowers!

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