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Another book published!

Cover for Pond a Connected ExistenceMy second book, Pond a Connected Existence, is published on amazon.com! In honor of wisdom presented in the book, here are a few quotes:

From the chapter “Behavior & Release”:

“…Sleep is an integral portion of the composition that is human life. Sleep and life intertwine. Life cannot be sustained without sleep. A healthy life requires healthy sleep. Too little sleep can cause accidents, illness, and shrinkage. Sleep that is sufficient leads to expansion, good health, less whining, productivity, and a more positive outlook. Some people view sleep as a nuisance; some people view it as a disturbance. Sleep can be a dreaded event when people see it as a time for tossing and turning or disturbing dreams or insomniatic existence…. Each person should understand his or her sleep requirements and be mindful to fulfill them.”

From the chapter “Determining Activity Value”:

“…People fill their limited time with unimportant and un-elevating wispy-fluff. They don’t realize the effects of empty and valueless time wasters. They think their choices have value, interesting dimensions, and resulting effects. Most often their choices have deficiency, narrow borders, and insignificant effects.

Wispy-fluff. Vanity of vanities. Empty undertakings.

Truly there are ways to live, ways to choose, ways to show love, ways to show affection, ways to transmit rules and requirements, and ways to interact with the environment. One simply has to decide to live in a sustaining and non-damaging manner. The choice is available to all.”

From the chapter  “Intrigue”:

“…People like and respond to distractions, rumors, and intrigue. They respond to knowing that others have it worse, that others need help, that others are suffering. They are comforted when others suffer as they do or at least have felt the suffering. But should others have it better or easier or with less struggle, the emotions change. Comfort turns to envy; wishes for well-being (for the other) turn into wishes for struggle. The more the inequality, the more discontent and jealousy and desire for others’ failure exist in the air. Permeating the atmosphere at social events, at work, at school. Seeping into conversations and into dreams. Disturbing sleep and disturbing digestion. Causing arguments or disgruntlement or dissatisfaction.….

… Refraining from participation in rumor-spreading and information-passing is sustaining. Not an easy thing to do; therefore, its value is high. To be balanced is to know how much to say, how much to keep back, and how much to say kindly”

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