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Connection, 2 of 3


Spiritual connection

Finger presses is how I receive connection to spiritual wisdom (see “How I get the information” on the About page). Sensations of pressure in the gut—that are not physically or emotionally caused—are messages from spirit to others. Tugging at the heart is another notice from spirit.

Each person has connection to spirit. It is built in to the soul. The access is always open, but the messages can be camouflaged. Finding the messages within the hum requires familiarity with inner rumblings and productions. So much noise inside the body can overwhelm the messages from spirit. External pressure to reject the connection further distances from the messages.

Whether or not people connect to spiritual care—it exists! The caring is apparent through the possibility of connection. The caring constantly calls to us when we are open to receiving spiritual input.

Following intuition is a first step to receiving spiritual input. Moving beyond intuition to notice the other sensations of input is the next step.

“Connection, 2 of 3” is direct input to remind us to listen intently.

See also “Connection, 1 of 3” and “Connection, 3 of 3“.


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Hesitation: wanting, but preventing action or decision because of fear, lack of information, or worry.

When a person hesitates about an action that must be performed immediately, precious time can be lost. When a person hesitates about an action that is not required, the results can be very different depending on whether the action would lead to betterment or negative results.  When a person hesitates because of fear, the same results can occur–different depending on whether the action would lead to betterment or negative results. Same goes for hesitation due to lack of information or worry–results that may be good or bad depending on the actions taken.

Hesitation is not necessarily a bad thing. If one’s intuition intuits that the action or decision will lead to negative results, best to follow that feeling. Intuition is the key ingredient when a sense of hesitation  is felt. On the other hand, people who consistently hesitate have most likely lost the ability to feel intuitive sensations and are simply performing habitual behavior.

To do

When you feel hesitant to take an action or make a decision, notice three things:

  • Does the action or decision make you feel fearful, worried, or unqualified to act/decide?
  • Does the action or decision cause your intuition to signal a strong response–positive or negative?
  • Does the action or decision require you to be more active than you normally would? If so, are you hesitating out of laziness or inertia?

Once these questions are addressed, a decision should be easier to make and an action should be easier to take. Rather than hesitate, be willing to involve, help, and join. But always be aware of side effects that could occur. Each decision and action has myriad side effects that can influence other decisions and actions.


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