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Los Angeles—a city for walkers, part 2


Walking in LA is strengthening. It strengthens the body and the mind. There are so many interesting sights and people.

I have just finished a three-hour walk. In the process I visited a museum, window shopped, and celebrated with a cup of vegan frozen dessert (feel bad about using a disposable cup).

My body feels worked and invigorated. My mind feels used. My emotions are relaxed. My spirit feels uplifted.

Walking in LA is an opportunity to connect with how people live, and when open, an opportunity to connect with people along the way.


Los Angeles—a city for walkers


I have been in LA for two weeks, and I continue to walk all over the city. I have walked from Hollywood to many destinations in all directions. The neighborhoods are inviting and charming. The large streets present so many different businesses with interesting names, appealing merchandise, and yummy looking food. Seeing tour buses and tourists adds to the walking appeal.

Each day I walk 1 – 2 hours. Occasionally I walk more. Sometimes I walk just to walk, and sometimes I walk with a destination in mind. I grocery shop on foot and only catch public transportation when my load is too heavy or my feet are too tired.

People in LA say that LA is a city for driving, but I know they are wrong. LA is a city to be explored while moving 2 mph (which is how fast many of them drive on the overly congested highways). When I tell people here how much I’ve been walking, they are surprised. I hope my zest for walking LA moves them to walk and see their city at a slower speed.

Not all cities are walking-friendly, but the ones that are can provide endless hours of entertainment and opportunities for discovery and connection. All it takes are comfortable shoes, water, and openness.

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