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Feelings of non-movement

Post 58-stuck

Stuck stuck stuck stuck. Feeling stuck. Feeling that movement is hindered. By me? Perhaps. By others? Not sure. Am I at fault or them?

When life-or relationship-or business-or whatever is not moving as quickly as we’d like, we must not despair (and eat too many cookies or use our go-to despair crutch). At these times, we must breathe more deeply, see the sky more frequently, and think about our achievements.

Breathe to this count: breathe in to a count of 6, hold for a count of 4, breathe out to a count of 5. Breathe this way until relaxation starts to set in.

About the sky—really look at it and appreciates its colors and its movement.

And our achievements—think about little achievements and the larger ones, and then do the relaxation breathing again.

Life won’t go the way we want it most of the time, and we have to realize that fact and keep going.

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