A Balanced Approach to Wellness!

In the Gift for Intuitive, Dedicated Comfort, readers are advised to “read slowly and thoroughly and to understand each fragment before moving on.” The topics presented are meant to be considered thoughtfully and personally so that each reader can value the messages in a unique and relevant manner.

To help with exploring the messages, I will present views for contemplation of the topics. I’ll start with the “Introduction”, which is open to all on amazon.com.

“The more easily a person accepts the surprises that come with time and condition changes, the more easily he or she can live among other people with harmony and unity. Without harmony and unity—external through societal interactions and internal through acceptance of one’s thoughts—people live difficult and struggling lives. With harmony and unity, a person can live an elevated and fulfilling existence and can experience spiritual awareness and sustenance.”

Post 18-contemplation

  • In this paragraph, several conditions are given that assist in living an elevated life. They are acceptance and awareness and spiritual living. Are these conditions apparent from the text?
  • What are “surprises that come with time and condition changes”? Think about your own life: surprises in terms of unexpected happy and sad events or things not turning out as expected. Think about events that affect whole communities or areas. Then consider the reactions of yourself and others.
  • Consider harmonious living. Think about times when relationships felt balanced and agreeable. Think about other times when relationships felt off-kilter and grating.
  • Consider how acceptance of your thoughts enables you to move on, create meaningful and fitting relationships, and assist others.

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